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Author Topic: Live Racers Leagues & Championships  (Read 54 times)

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Live Racers Leagues & Championships
« on: January 03, 2018, 11:48:17 PM »
Here Ye Here ye...

A Live Racer subscription for PSR will provide tons of fun benefits for the league including:
  • Championship management including teams, detailed stats, and custom points setup
  • Deep driver stats going back through several years worth of data
  • More results for top lap times leading up to an event

And tons more... If we are going to build short championships there is no simpler solution with as many features.

So!  The cost to add 1 server to Live Racers per year is around $60. I will put up $30 and this should go to Spidey's PayPal and he should register it in his name.  Anyone interested can be upgraded to an Admin.  Admins create Championships and post results, etc...

Everyone who wants to participate in a Championship will need to register for that Championship in Live Racers.  This means you will need a Live Racers account. And, you will need to "claim" all of your racing profile names: "Names you raced in RF2 as", if you want your old stats connected to your profile.

Create a Live Racers profile here: http://www.liveracers.info/

It's not that hard and you don't "have" to claim your old stats.

See full feature and cost outline: http://www.liveracers.info/Support/Pricing

I would like spidey to post us a donate button from PayPal here as a next step assuming we are all in.

Thanks and I do really value Weds racing.  This is a rare group and it's an awesome format worth supporting.
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